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Here's what some of my clients have to say....

"I would love to recommend Cheryl for her wonderful photo organizational services. Photos that had been shoved away for more than 30 years and burdened me have now been turned into a project that is a labor of love that I can give to my extended family. I get to include information that would have been lost with me if I didn't record it. It was truly a pleasure and SO easy to work with Cheryl."

- Linda, Rockville, MD


"My family was so skeptical about an outside vendor organizing our family photos, but Cheryl totally proved them wrong!  Working with Cheryl was so easy.  She picked up four (unorganized) bins of photos from my house, and the next time I saw her all our photos were physically organized by month and year in neat photo boxes as well as scanned onto a USB drive.  I can finally locate photos (both physical and digital) within minutes, instead of endlessly searching through boxes!"

- Sheila, Bethesda, MD


"I highly recommend Cheryl DiFrank.  She’s done multiple projects for me - old slides that were barely visible, ancient photographs and negatives of all sizes, even old film and audio reel tapes.  She can do scrapbooks too - basically anything you want.  And I would keep adding things for her to do that I found in my parent’s belongings and didn’t know if anything was important or not.  She was marvelous and supportive and honest about expectations.  We’d tried a large company to digitize a tape and they charged us for the full 30 minutes that had only 5 minutes of actual recording.  Cheryl would let us know what was viable on each item and charge appropriately. Cheryl treats every project personally and professionally. 


Cheryl is local and will come pick up your keepsakes (rather than trusting them to uncertain mail or shipping) and takes exquisite care of your treasures.  She keeps you informed every step of the way with the condition and probability of success, and her prices. Everything I asked for is digital now and I can share it with family and friends. It’s such a relief and honestly, the treasures she uncovered and brought back to life are priceless to us.


I can’t recommend her enough. She’s very easy to talk to and is wonderful at explaining her process, prices, and digital quality as compared to others."

- Alice, Chevy Chase, MD

"Hi Cheryl, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what a fabulous job you did of sorting [my photos].  I'm really amazed how you figured things out and kept groups of pictures together.  Thanks so much.  This sorting has come in handy because I was just asked yesterday to provide pictures of [my son] throughout his life for a slide show for his upcoming wedding.  Even that is hard for me!" - Susan, Bethesda, MD

"Teary thanks. I popped into the basement to try and find a photo of my grandpa in his World War II uniform. Being a mom I didn’t have a lot of time to look because it was time to pick a kid up. Across town. Regardless, I found a picture of my grandpa with his son, my uncle, and his World War II army uniform. So it provided an excellent opportunity for me to touch base with my cousins out of the blue. Thank you so much for that. Due to your organization and labeling the albums I was treated to the ease of finding the photo (as well as the overwhelming aroma of my parents house). Thank you." - Mary Kate, Bethesda, MD

"So very pleased to have worked with Cheryl on a photo book project! She is conscientious, efficient, patient, and skilled in this field. She has a wonderful, customer oriented personality which made this an easy project for me to pursue. I highly recommend Cheryl for any photo project you may have!"

- Nancy, Bethesda, MD

"I highly recommend Cheryl DiFrank’s services at My Memory File for photo organizing, and specifically creating a Photo Montage. I, like most people I know, spent countless hours over many nights trying to pull together the montage for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.  After looking through 13 years of photos, my show was still an unmanageable length of time. I was referred to Cheryl and she saved the day! She was able to suggest edits and cuts, pull the show together, add all the nice zooming and transitions, and of course the music. She was really easy to collaborate with, and was very true to my vision for how the show should look and sound.  She saved me invaluable hours that I desperately needed for other things.  And, the montage was beautiful and really looked amazing.  This photo show is only going to be a few minutes of your child’s night.  Using a service like My Memory File is worth it because you need your time to work on all the other details for your party.  Cheryl is amazing at this, your show will be fantastic, and you will feel so happy about letting her help you!" - Eric, Bethesda, MD

"Cheryl did an amazing job for me! She scanned a set of old family photos (which probably would have been lost on a shelf otherwise) and now they make a beautiful spread in my photo book, and she did a wonderful job of creating a photo book that commemorates my father. She was great to work with, very detailed in sorting through photos, and helped me get going again on my photo projects that had been on my 'to-do' list for over a year... Very glad to have had her help, and highly recommend working with her!" - Michelle, Silver Spring, MD

"For a very long time I had been overwhelmed by the idea of organizing my 13 years worth of pictures. I hadn't printed anything in 12 years much less put them in albums, had used multiple cameras, multiple photo-importing programs, and multiple computers over that time, and hated the idea of sitting at my computer for hours figuring out what to do.  Enter Cheryl DiFrank, someone I heard about through a local listserv. She came to my house and scanned all our computers, pulling every .jpg file onto an external drive. When she came back a few weeks later, she had organized all the photos by year (based on data embedded in the digital files) and deleted all the duplicates. It doesn't matter how disorganized you are! She also selected the best, most representative pictures from each year. My hope is that I can take things the final distance and actually put the pictures into albums. But I'm sure she would do that too if my powers of procrastination and avoidance get the better of me.  Cheryl is a real pleasure to work with, super positive and totally non-judgmental. I highly recommend her."  - Christina, Takoma Park, MD

"Cheryl worked on several large scale projects for me.  I was thrilled with the results.  Cheryl is very knowledgeable about all facets of picture digitization, video and how old paper photos should be organized and stored.  Excellent attention to detail and warm personalized service are the hallmark of this service.  I would highly recommend this service to friends and family." - Ed, Bethesda, MD

"I am so very thankful I found Cheryl.  For years, I have been accumulating precious pictures of my family and storing them in an insecure and unorganized fashion.  When I found Cheryl, it was instant relief, to have someone so knowledgeable about photo organization.  I left it all in her hands and am so happy with the results.  She copied the photos from all of my devices and organized my files beautifully, got rid of the junk and duplicate photos I had laying all around in my files and helped me store them properly.  Wonderful! I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and family.  I will still be going to her for any future 'tune-ups'."  - Claire, Honolulu, HI

"Cheryl, just wanted to let you know that we have experienced so much joy because of the montage — I think we have watched it about 10 times since you sent the DVD and played it several times during the Sunday brunch.  It looked amazing on the big screens.  Thank you so much!"  - Patty, Bethesda, MD


"Cheryl is such a lifesaver!  We couldn't have created our b'nai mitzvah slideshow without her.  We gave her hundreds of disorganized photos, and she organized them into a cohesive story of our family.  She worked with us to incorporate music and video clips that perfectly reflected our family's personality.  She went above and beyond to accommodate our edits.  She is incredibly warm and kind, and capable, which makes working with her an absolute pleasure."  - Debbie, Bethesda, MD

"Dear Cheryl, Just wanted you to know that my husband sat down yesterday evening and looked through all three albums. He is not a person who gives compliments easily. In most cases he only will use the word "fine" when showing his approval about something met often by the rest of us with eye rolling. He looked at the albums slowly remembering so many fond family and friends memories and laughing while looking through the construction book. After looking through all three books he just said one word...perfect. I thought you'd like to know."  - Jennifer, Chevy Chase, DC


"I am overjoyed with the end results of the photo organizing that Cheryl took on for me! She is extremely conscientious, thorough, and detail oriented. In addition, she is patient and eager to educate on how to master today's technology.  She is a consummate professional which is critical when sharing years of personal information in the form of photographs.  Finally, she is great fun to work with which should not go undervalued!  I would highly recommend taking advantage of her expertise."  - Lisa, Bethesda, MD


"I came across Cheryl's website after attempting to organize all of our photos myself.  We recently had a baby, and I wanted to make sure that I compiled and organized all of the photos that were stored on various devices into one central location.  I very quickly learned that it was a monumental job, as we had photos everywhere!  Cheryl downloaded all of our pictures onto a hard drive, organized them by date, and eliminated the duplicates.  She was fabulous to work with and I would highly recommend her services.  I am thrilled to have a photo organization system that I will be able to maintain for years to come!"  - Jaime, Bethesda, MD


"I highly recommend this service!  After transferring photo files from computer to computer and changing photo storage services over the years - my pictures were a mess. Now they are organized and quickly accessible by year, the duplicates and fuzzy shots are gone and  I can easily slot future photos into the system so it will stay organized. She also selected the best ones from each year so I can create photo books easily. Cheryl is terrific to work with and highly responsible with your photos. It felt so great to cross this project off my to do list." - Sharon, Bethesda, MD


"I had photos all over the place - on my computer, on memory cards, on my phone.  I had no idea what was where and no idea how to find anything.  Cheryl helped me get everything in one place, organized by date and event.  She even picked out the best photos of each year so I can easily make the photo albums I've been meaning to do for ages!  - Louise, Bethesda, MD

Helping to organize, preserve and share your photo memories.

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