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Cheryl DiFrank, Professional Photo Organizer

I have always loved the way photos can tell a story.  I can look at photos of my own childhood and be transported back in time.  Or look at an old photo album of my parents or ancestors and get a sense of what their lives were like.  I’ve always wanted my own children to have access to the photos and the stories of their own lives as well as the lives of their ancestors.  But when our oldest daughter was born in 2002 and we purchased our first digital camera, it quickly became clear that there was no limit to the number of photos we could take, and that if I didn’t figure out some way to organize them, there would be no way for me or my children or anyone to see them in any meaningful way. 


Now, when my kids ask, “Where did you go on your honeymoon?” I can quickly pull up photos to show them.  Or I can show my son what a resemblance he has to his great grandfather.  I can easily create a slide show for my daughter’s birthday or surprise my father-in-law with a DVD of all his old home movies.  My kids love to just pull out any of our annual photo albums and re-live great memories from their own lives.


As I started realizing that most of my friends and neighbors had literally tens of thousands of digital photos but no idea how to organize them, much less view them or share them, I began offering to help.  I hated the idea that all those memories could be inadvertently lost or buried because people just didn't have a good organizational system.  And that’s how My Memory File was born.


Every person and every family has a story to tell.  I help to preserve and share those stories.


In my previous career, I owned and operated a commercial photo agency, representing the photo collections of over 400 professional photographers from around the world.  The skills and systems I developed to digitize, organize and catalog hundreds of thousands of commercial photographs, I now bring to my clients to help them keep their own photo memories alive. 

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Listen to an interview with Cheryl on the Eric Stewart radio show.

Eric Stewart Show - Cheryl DiFrank Interview
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I am honored to be a recipient of The Photo Managers' Rising Tide Award, presented in March 2022. Read the press release here.

Helping to organize, preserve and share your photo memories.

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