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DATE: April 6, 2022




Bethesda’s Cheryl DiFrank was a recipient of the inaugural Rising Tide Award, given on March 26, 2022 during The Photo Managers’ 10th annual conference in Denver, Colorado.


Cheryl is a member of The Photo Managers, the trade association for the rapidly growing field of photo management. One of the core beliefs of The Photo Managers community is “a rising tide lifts all boats.” This means that the great work that our members do has a positive impact on both colleagues in the organization as well as on the photo management industry as a whole.


The Photo Managers created the Rising Tide Award ( to honor each year three of the association’s members who’ve shared their expertise, innovated, taken risks, and moved the needle for the photo management community. Nominated by their peers, the winners embody these principles:


• We are collaborative rather than competitive.

• We take pride in adhering to a strong code of ethics and industry standards.

• We believe in exceeding expectations.

• We share generously of our knowledge and experiences for the benefit of the community.

• We recognize this is a growing and changing industry and we share new ideas with an abundance mentality.


The Photo Managers Founder & CEO, Cathi Nelson notes, “It was my pleasure to give this award to Cheryl and to share comments from colleagues, such as: “[Cheryl] is one of the most giving people online that isn’t looking for promotion or getting something from her support/mentorship. She is a true expert in my opinion and truly is what we promote and enjoy about belonging to the TPM community.”


Hearing friends and family talk about how they worried about losing all their family photos, but had no idea what to do with them, Cheryl founded My Memory File in 2016 to help families organize and preserve their photos so they can share and enjoy them. “I am honored to be recognized by my peers with this award. It is so rewarding to know that I am contributing to a community that helps families preserve their precious photo memories.”


To learn more about The Photo Managers, visit Visit Cheryl’s website at




Helping to organize, preserve and share your photo memories.

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