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I offer a wide array of services to help you tell your story with photos....


Sorting and Organizing Digital and Print Photos

Do you have digital photos stored all over the place - computer hard drives, memory cards, smartphones, DVDs?  Are they in multiple folders that seemed to make sense at one time?  Do the photos seem to multiply like rabbits, when you're not looking? Or are all your print photos stored in boxes in the attic or old albums that are falling apart?  Before you can do anything meaningful with your photos, you've got to get them organized.  I will get all your print and digital photos organized by date and into a system that works for you, so that you can find what you need for years to come.  I will also remove all duplicate photos.


Editing and Album Selection

Once your images are organized by date, it is very possible you will still have thousands of photos to look through from each year.  This can still be very overwhelming when trying to choose images for an album or other project. 


I will review the photos from each year and identify only those photos that are "album-worthy".  I will go through the 15 almost identical shots of blowing out the birthday candles, to choose the best one.  I will remove exact duplicates, out-of-focus images and the shots where your child just ran out of the frame.  I will identify the images that give the best representation of each year and each event.  The result is a snapshot of the year with just the photos you would put into an album.  I will never delete any photos, just put the "selects" into a separate folder that will become your "go-to" folder for that year.


I can also remove red-eye from all selected photos, for a small additional fee.





Scanning Print Photos

Believe it or not, we've only had digital cameras for about 15 years.   If you're older than that, you probably have boxes of old prints or old print photo albums that need to be digitized to keep them safe and make them easier to share with future generations.  I'll organize and scan all those old prints and give them back to you on a DVD or flash drive for safe keeping or future use.


I can also digitize any historical information or notes associated with the photos, which is often just as valuable as the photo itself.





Photo Albums, Slide Shows and Videos

The ultimate goal is to share your photos.  Whether it's the annual family photo album that the kids love to look through, a keepsake book from that fabulous vacation, or a treasured baby book or graduation gift, I will help you create beautiful ways to share your memories for years to come.


I can also re-create old print photo albums to help preserve your family's history and make it easier for all future generations to preserve their own history.


In addition to photo books and other print projects, I can create slide shows or videos that add a fun and nostalgic touch to any event or just to watch with the family next Friday night.




Convert old videotapes to digital video

For years we diligently videotaped first steps, birthday parties and baseball games to capture all the special events.  Now, it is impossible to even watch all those videos without antiquated equipment and multiple conversion cords.  Let me convert all your precious videos to a digital format that can be easily viewed on your tv or computer. 

I will convert each videotape to digital format.  Then I will edit each tape to create a separate video file for each individual event on the tape so that you can easily go straight to whatever event you want to see, instead of having to fast forward through an entire tape to find it.

Converted videos can be provided on DVD's or flash drives.


Helping to organize, preserve and share your photo memories.

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